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We offer metallic, solid colour epoxy or epoxy chip systems. Our broadcast systems have the appearance of granite and are composed of multi-coloured vinyl chips embedded in a pigmented epoxy base coat. We offer the choice of small or large chips at no additional charge. We take pride in using only the best industrial grade materials available so your epoxy floor, driveway or patio stands up through the test of time.

Lots of Epoxy Flooring Coating Color Options for Homeowners:

Prior to any epoxy system being applied, we take great time in the epoxy installation process by preparing the surface to achieve the proper concrete profile so the epoxy will adhere. There are many different means of preparation and this varies from project to project (i.e., etching, grinding, removal of existing coating, crack treatment, etc.). The preparation for your project will be thoroughly covered at the time of your free estimate.
  • Solid colour system consists of one coat of industrial grade thick-film build epoxy with one coat of tinted polyurethane sealer.
  • Full chip four-layer system is the best system. We start with our industrial grade thick-film build epoxy and then there is 100% coverage of either small or large chips embedded into the epoxy. This system has two coats of sealer with the second being abrasion-resistant polyurethane, which produces a tough, easy-to-clean surface.
We have many colour options and because we have the ability to custom blend colours and chips, we can design the exact colour for your individual décor and budget. Our epoxy floor coatings are formulated to hold up to the harshest conditions, which ensures your floor will not only look beautiful, but also withstand the test of time. Contact us now to see samples of epoxy flooring coating colours and textures. Please ask about our metallic epoxy finishes which as well is the newest way to make your garage, basement or floors stand out. The metallic epoxy coating contains pearlescent reflective mica chip flakes which will add a modern, exotic flair to your home.
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Epoxy removal is the same as removing adhesive only the coating is a lot harder. We give the floor a scrape to remove any loose flooring and then we bring in the floor grinders taking your floor back to its original surface.
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Whether its conventionally laid (over underlay) or a direct stick application, Fine Floors will get it up. (We can also help with the furniture).
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Not all flooring can be bought in a retail store. Concrete flooring is a big part of the flooring industry. It can look just as good as hardwood, tile and carpet. Fine Floors is here to help you keep that concrete flooring looking good with our concrete grinding service. There are a variety of types of polishing as well. Depending on what kind of a look you want to achieve, Fine Floors will help you select the right type for your project. The four types of finished gloss are flat (ground), satin (honed), semi-polished and highly-polished. They range from very little reflection (flat) to high reflection or mirror-like reflection (highly-polished). Concrete grinding is similar to sanding wood in that both use machines to grind down the surfaces to the desired shine. Polishing/grinding concrete can remove stains, blemishes, and minor pits from the floor. During the polishing process an internal impregnating sealer is applied. This sealer not only protects the concrete from the inside out, but it hardens the concrete too
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Of all the rooms in your house, you will need the bathroom to be the most waterproof. Waterproofing is one of the first steps to take place when a bathroom is being built. It involves installing a waterproof barrier around the walls and floor in your bathroom to protect the structure of the house from the moisture. Waterproofing is very black and white; your bathroom is either waterproof, or not waterproof This division caters to the diverse waterproofing requirements of builders of residential homes and the homeowner doing their own renovation. With over 20years experience, we offer a quick and efficient service in waterproofing applications. We pay the utmost attention to detail for a pleasing finish that will satisfy the home owner.
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The quality and look of a finished floor is directly related to the condition of the sub-floor. During the floor prep phase of the project, our tradesman can correct any deficiency in your sub-floor surface, using everything from adhesive removal, concrete grinding and skim coats to self-levelling pours.
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Fine Floors offers an affordable solution to uneven or raised concrete floors, curbs or sidewalks. Contact us to find out how we can remove trip hazards from your home or business
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If you want to replace existing stone or ceramic tile in your home, you must go through the dirty and labour-intense work of uplifting the tiles and then the adhesive removal process before you are able to lay down new flooring. Removing tiles and adhesive is not an easy task without the proper tools and equipment. Tile adhesive is either cement based or rubber based product and it takes a lot of power to remove it. Why do we need to remove the adhesive before installing new floors? Because without removing the adhesive, you will not be able to properly install your new floors. Some companies leave the adhesive thus costing the home or business owner thousands of dollars to remove the adhesive after removal of the tiles and doubling your costs! Fine Floors makes sure to remove your Tiles and adhesive so your new flooring (in most cases) can be installed the next day.
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At Fine Floors we can remove any engineered hardwood flooring in a fraction of the time. Our machines can easily remove the toughest floors with ease, compared to old removal techniques that can be almost impossible to achieve. We will not only remove the glue down hardwood but also scrape up the old glue with our razor blade attachments. In most cases, when we are finished the floor is ready for your new flooring to be installed. Our company is available to handle any job from large commercial projects to apartments, townhouses and single family homes (If you walk on it we can remove it). We are available 7 days a week; night crews for time sensitive commercial projects are also available
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With any New floor, there’s usually an existing flooring or carpet to come up which can be hard work in itself. Often a very dirty and dusty job, old carpet and usually underlay needs to be ripped up,old nails and staples ideally need to be removed, ripped or tatty vinyl (often glued) needs to be taken up or those dreaded ceramic tiles and adhesive will need to be jacked up and ground back before the new flooring goes down. Then there’s the hassle of getting rid of it with numerous costly & time consuming trips to the tip.

However, there’s really no need to worry, as we’re here to make it easy for you. Let us take the stress away with our uplift and disposal service.
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